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A Boulder commemorating the death of officer cadets ‘Alpha’ and ‘Skiba’ in Stanisławów Pierwszy
A Boulder commemorating the death of officer cadets ‘Alpha’ and ‘Skiba’ in Stanisławów Pierwszy
The obelisk commemorates the site of the death of two Polish Home Army officer cadets:
25-year-old Mieczysław Stępnowski alias Alfa and 21-year-old Stanislaw Felicki alias Skiba, both of whom were members of the Second Battalion from Jabłonna. Both Polish Home Army officer cadets were killed on June 17, 1943, during a shielding operation of airthe airdrop of weapons in the area of Izabelin. Before the village of Stanisławów, the 4-person convoy, encountered a sub-unit of German soldiers and Turkestan Legion while carrying dropped weapons which had been covered in peat. A fight ensued, during which the driver of the car transporting the weapon managed to get away and the munitions were saved. Unfortunately, as a result of shelling, both officer cadets were killed. In recognition of their valour, they were both posthumously promoted, by the supreme command of the Polish Home Army, to the rank of officers and decorated with the Silver Cross of the War Order of Virtuti Militari.

On the first anniversary of their death, the commemorative cross was set up here. In the late 50th of the 20th century, during the period of Gomułka’s thaw, the communist authorities agreed to permanently commemorate the dead. On June 17, 1957 under the initiative of the officer cadets’ commander, Edward Dietrich alias Ralf (1910-2005), a commemorative stone was unveiled.

The memory of the operation still lives on today. Every year on the 17th of June the comrades-inarms of the fallen soldiers, their relatives, representatives of the World Association of Polish Home Army Soldiers, representatives of territorial government and Stanisławów Pierwszy region lovers gather at the monument to commemorate their death.