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The 'Oak Tree of Freedom' in Nieporęt on the Liberty Sq (Plac Wolności)
The 'Oak Tree of Freedom' in Nieporęt on the Liberty Sq (Plac Wolności)
Thanks to accounts from the inhabitants of Nieporęt, we know that in November 1918, the residents of Nieporęt – to commemorate the anniversary of Poland’s recovery of sovereignty and independence – planted a young oak tree, which did not take roots here. Probably on March 19, 1936, i.e. on the names day of Józef (associated with the figure of Józef Pilsudski), a second oak tree was planted. It is worth noting that this was a northern red oak, a species not naturally evident in the wild in the area.

The godparents of the oak tree were the representatives of the elementary school in Nieporęt: Zofia Turkot (née Powała) and Aleksander Kawka and from an older generation – Józef Wróbel and Józef Pietrzak. The consecration ceremony by Fr. Ludwik Kowieski was attended by the Polish Army company.

At night, between 10th to 11th November 1943, the Home Army soldiers from Nieporęt placed, red and white flags on the fence around the oak tree as a sign of resistance against the Nazis, and painted the emblem of the Fighting Poland Movement and the Polish national emblem – the white Eagle. The tree survived the turmoil of war, and still grows on the Freedom Square to this very day.