Powiatowy Szlak Polski Walczącej

The Parish Cemetery in Chotomów
The Parish Cemetery in Chotomów
In the Chotomów necropolis many respectable people were laid to rest. For generations their lives have been associated with the region and its patriotic activities. We would like to mention the following families: Oleksiak, Bziuk, Grabowski, Kozibąk, Wróblewski, Bogusławski or Herget (with Józef Herget, the plenipotentiary of the Potocki estate, descended from the Herget family). The oldest tombs date back to the mid-19th century.

In the early 20th century Wincent Rapczyński, a participant of the 1863 events, was laid to rest in Chotomów cemetery. Due to Russian Tsarist censorship, the stonecutter could not use the term “January Uprising” in fashioning his inscription.

The ashes of an unknown soldier of the Polish Army were also laid to rest here, together with the ashes of the distinguished commander of the Volunteer Fire Department and the member of the Polish Military, Polikarp Wróblewski alias Skiba (1898–1983) and Stefan Krasiński alias Kacper (1901-1944), the head of the local school and the Home Army officer, who died Aug. 3, 1944, in the Warsaw Uprising fighting, on the border between Chotomów and Legionowo.