Powiatowy Szlak Polski Walczącej

The Parish Cemetery in Nieporęt
The Parish Cemetery in Nieporęt
In this cemetery, we can find both the tombs of Polish soldiers killed in action in September 1939, and the mass graves of Home Army soldiers murdered by the Nazis in nearby woods on August 19, 1944. Among the murdered, there were two sons of Count Zdzislaw Grocholski, the owner of the Poniatów estate: Adam Grocholski and Tadeusz Grocholski, and second lieutenant of the military reserve force Władysław Danielewicz alias ‘Oko’ (‘Eye’), commander of the 8th Company, 3rd Home Army Battalion in Poniatów.

In the alley situated to the right of the gate, lies the grave of the captain of the military reserve force Bronislaw Tokaj (1901-1971), who is buried here with his wife Bronisława (1908-1984). This distinguished teacher and activist for the Polish Teachers’ Union was one of the Warsaw’s defenders during the 1939 siege, commander of the 3rd Home Army Battalion of the 1st Region and commander of the clandestine weapon airdrop operation by allied forces under the code name “Koc” (‘Blanket’) around Izabelin. His contribution is honoured by a commemorative plaque located on the building of the primary school in Nieporęt, where he was the head teacher from 1934.