Powiatowy Szlak Polski Walczącej

The Weapons drop zone „Koc” (‘Blanket’) in Izabelin – the meadows in Izabelin at Wrzosowa Str.
The Weapons drop zone „Koc” (‘Blanket’) in Izabelin – the meadows in Izabelin at Wrzosowa Str.
This area of vast meadows and forests around Izabelin was a very good place for a drop zone. The Drop zone had a security system and service. Zygmunt Mirecki alias Zim, a forester from Białobrzegi, described the security organization of the drop zone, “Koc” in his memoirs with the following words:
The first task of the commander of the drop zone was to contact the air-lift supplies supervisor „Kupiec”, designated by the Home Army Headquarters, in Jasna street in Warsaw. After discussing the technical details, the supervisor would give the dates of possible drop operations and the subsequent signal to leave the square. After Polish radio announcements on the BBC radio station in London, at six o’clock in the evening, a previously agreed tune was played (such as “Krakowiaczek jeden”). This meant the order to leave and go to the drop square. At eight o’clock in the evening, the message and tune were repeated. Before the anticipated execution of the air delivery of supplies, several drop zones in various far-flung places were on the lookout in order to avoid any unexpected obstacles which might hinder the reception of supplies at the originally determined place. On the designated day, a “delegate” from the General Headquarters arrived with the task of checking the preparation and arranging documents for the paratroopers. To safeguard the operation against German troops stationed in Praga, Legionowo, Zegrze and Beniaminów and closely spaced police stations, a group of 100-120 soldiers was taken each time to take part in the operation and set up checkpoints around the square. In the middle of the drop zone, there was a group intended to receive the air-delivered supplies and a twohorse- cart on pneumatic wheels, the so-called ‘balonowiec’ (‘balloon carrier’).

The first airdrop operation took place on the night of 14th to 15th September, 1943. Three paratroopers and supplies successfully landed. The drop zone “Koc” was marked for airdrop operations several more times, but only during Easter, from 9th to 10th April 1944. The second airdrop operation succeeded with the supplies and four paratroopers successfully landed in the meadows near Izabelin.