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Execution site of major Konstanty Radziwiłł alias Korab in Zegrze
Execution site of major Konstanty Radziwiłł alias Korab in Zegrze
Prince Constantin Nicholas Radziwiłł, the last owner of Zegrze, fought as second lieutenant of the military reserve force in the 1939 Campaign, serving as an observer in the 13th Observation Squadron. After returning home, he was arrested and imprisoned in Pultusk. Released in March 1940, he joined the underground activities as a quartermaster of 3rd battalion of 1st Region „Marianowo-Brzozów” (Legionowo), 7th Home Army District „Obroża” („Collar”). On August 19, 1944, he was captured by the Germans, and on September 14 probably murdered.

His body was found in May 1969, during the excavation works conducted on the territory of the barracks of the Military Communication Institute in Zegrze. The body was identified on the basis of a devotional scapular with the relics of the Saint John Bosco, which Constantin had received from the primate of Poland, August Hlond. The ashes of Lieutenant K. Radziwill alias Korab were laid to rest in the parish cemetery in Serock. There is a secondary school in Zegrze bearing his name. Some streets in Serock and Zegrze Południowe were named after Lieutenant K. Radziwill.

(Admission to the barracks of the Information and Communications Technology Training Centre by appointment, agreed with the officers of the Educational Section – Phone: 22 688 36 10 or 22 688 36 12).