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Execution site of the population in the gorge near Rybaki Str. in Serock
Execution site of the population in the gorge near Rybaki Str. in Serock
On February 28, 1941, in the gorge on the Narew river, the Nazis executed 21 people from the underground organization „Gotów” (’Ready’), mainly from the area of the Serock, Smogorzewo and Zegrze parishes. The organization was formed as a result of a set-up operation of the Gestapo agent nicknamed Mirota. Mirota, pretending to be a monk at a church in Wola Kiełpińska, gathered a group of patriotic youth.

In November 1940, during one of the meetings, the Gestapo and the Nazi police arrested a majority of the members of the organization. The detainees were interrogated and tortured in the prison in Pultusk, then executed by firing squad in one of Serock gorges. Their bodies were buried at a depth of about four meters. As a warning to others, the Germans appointed heads of the surrounding rural communes and forced them to watch the execution.

The exhumation of the bodies and the ceremony of transferring the ashes to a nearby parish cemetery took place only in 1957. However, for many years, it was the execution site in the gorge, and not the cemetery, which was worshiped by local people who would meet here to celebrate the patriotic ceremonies.

For several years, access to the execution site has been hampered by the fence set up on privately owned land.

Photos: Table tombstone in a cemetery in Serock