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Radziwill Palace in Jadwisin
Radziwill Palace in Jadwisin
One of the most valuable monuments of Jadwisin is the palace of Jadwiga and Maciej Radziwill, whose construction was completed in 1898. The building, beautifully situated on a high bank, was designed by François Arveuf, in the style of the French Renaissance.

Above the main entrance to the palace, there is the monogram of its first owners, while from the river side; the ancestral coats of arms were placed on avant-corps: „Ślepowron” coat of arms of the Krasiński family and „Trąby” coat of arms of the Radziwiłł family. The last owner of the palace in Jadwisin before World War II were: Constantin Nicholas Radziwill and his wife Maria née Żółtowska.

Constantin, as second lieutenant of the military reserve, took part in a defensive war of 1939 and fought as an observer in the 13th Air Squadron. After the Nazi invasion, the Radziwill were ordered to leave the palace. They settled in the forester’s lodge near Arciechów, located in the forests stretching across the Narew river. First lieutenant K. Radziwill alias Korab joined the underground movement as an officer-quartermaster of the 3rd Battalion from Nieporęt. After insurgent fighting in the 1st Region he was arrested in August 1944 by the Nazis. He was probably executed by firing squad on September 14, 1944, in Zegrze. His remains were randomly discovered in May 1969, during the excavation works conducted on the territory of the barracks of the Military Communication Institute in Zegrze. The body was identified on the basis of a devotional scapular with the relics of the Saint John Bosco, which Constantin had received from the primate of Poland, August Hlond. Constantin Radziwill was laid to rest in the family grave in the parish cemetery in Serock.

The previous owner of the Zegrze estate and of the palace in Jadwisin was, Artur Radziwill (1901-1939), Constantin’s older brother, first lieutenant and commander of the 2nd Company, 1st battalion, 2nd Infantry Regiment of the „Modlin” Army, who died on September 13, 1939, under Oltarzew. He posthumously awarded the Silver Cross of the War Order of Virtuti Militari.