Legionowo County has a rich history; its numerous and interesting historical landmarks allow us today to discover the past and pass it on to future generations. Among the most precious architectural jewels, we can list churches, palaces and military buildings constructed several hundred years ago, as well as contemporary monuments built in our times. Within Legionowo County, there is a network of well-marked hiking and biking trails, making it a very attractive area for people practicing active tourism.

The Legionowo County territories bore witness to the Polish struggle for independence during the Napoleonic era and in the years of insurgent uprisings: the November Uprising in 1830 and the January Uprising in 1863. Legionowo County was the battlefield for World War I; the battle of Warsaw, hailed as the Miracle on the Vistula, took place here in 1920, as well as the 1939 Defensive War. The Polish Home Army operated here and Legionowo was the only town outside the capital city where the Warsaw Uprising began on 1st August 1944. From 1980 to 1990, the “Solidarity” movement was active in the area.

The World Association of Home Army Soldiers (Polish: Światowy Związek Żołnierzy Armii Krajowej) in Legionowo put forward a proposal to document and catalogue cultural and historical sites linked to major historical events that took place in Legionowo County, from which came the idea to mark out the The ‘Fighting Poland’ Heritage Trail.

Thanks to the commitment of the local government of Legionowo County, necessary financial resources were allocated for this purpose. Based on the knowledge of local people and with the funds of the Historical Museum in Legionowo, an expert evaluation of the 82 sites and buildings linked to Polish struggle for independence was carried out. Three sections of the trail were marked and graded with green, blue and red grade trails, with a total length of approximately 140 km, spread over the areas of the municipalities of Jabłonna, Nieporęt, Serock and Wieliszew.

The project compliments the project implemented by the City of Legionowo, within the territory of which there is 31 km of trail leading through 28 memorial sites.

These are hike and bike trails. The local system of roads and public transport within Legionowo County makes it possible for everyone to visit the “Patriotic tourist trail of the Fighting Poland Movement” as the sections are tailored to suit the needs and capabilities of every age group.

The organizers of the The ‘Fighting Poland’ Heritage Trail wish to therefore cordially invite you to visit the highly instructive sites of memory and admire the beautiful natural wonders of Legionowo County.